How can I help to keep the game community safe and welcoming?

How can I help to keep the game community safe and welcoming?

  1. You can do this by reporting users who violate our code of conduct to as well as on our discord server 
  2. You can lead by example and be supportive of all users
  3. Encourage fair play
  4. Engage in community events and tournaments. 
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    • How do I report players who are violating the game's code of conduct?

      You can report players who are violating our code of conduct by sending an email at including the username and the violation you believe the player has committed and any proof of such violation would be incredibly beneficial to ...
    • How can I report players who are bullying or harassing others?

      You can report users by: Document evidence of harassment through screenshots and recording to strengthen your report. Familiarize yourself with the code of conduct of the game and ensure the user is violating the guidelines which can be found in game ...
    • How can I deal with toxicity and harassment in the game community

      Avoid retaliation towards toxic users as this just will add to the toxic experience. You can also report users to us at and provide us with evidence you have collected. Do not feed the trolls. It is best to ignore them and report ...
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      Promoting diversity and inclusion in the game community is a crucial goal for Starvara, and here are ways you can contribute: Embrace Inclusivity: Recognize that Starvara is a game for everyone, regardless of their background, gender, age, or ...
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      There are a few ways to join Starvara's community: Join the Starvara Discord server. The Discord server is the most popular way to connect with other Starvara fans and community members. You can join the server by clicking here: Discord Follow ...