How do I complete challenges and missions?

How do I complete challenges and missions?

To reward you for your Starvara Battle Royale activity, we’ll be constantly offering you challenges and missions. To compete and earn rewards, make sure to log in daily and read the instructions and objectives needed to complete the challenges or missions.

If you are struggling to complete the mission try to practice a bit more or even go back to the training tutorial. 

HINT: No one starts off as a pro. Pros practiced to get there.

Tell us how many mission have practiced with to get to your goal on social media using the hashtag #Starvara:

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    • How do I complete challenges and missions?

      Daily rewards will be available for active players within the app. On (daily) login, there’ll be various pop ups to collect your rewards, each reward generated increases on your daily return. We will soon incorporate other challenges and missions as ...
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      You can participate in community events and tournaments by ensuring you are up to date with the upcoming events and tournament schedules and registering for these events and tournaments during the set timeframe. Stay informed by following us on our ...
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      After you complete the tutorial, you will have two game modes available: Battle Royale AI Battle Royale Battle Royale is the main game mode in the Starvara Battle Royale, where you will compete against other players to be the last one standing. AI ...
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      Once you’ve logged into the Starvara Battle Royale for the first time, we highly recommend that you learn the ropes in our Training Mode. This will take you through a 6-step tutorial journey, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the game ...
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      Starvara will have various options for you to rank and level your player and skill up - there’ll be a cross between daily and ad hoc challenges that will bring additional XP to your player and ship, boosting your capabilities. Tell us what rank you ...