How do I earn experience and level up?

How do I earn experience and level up?

Starvara will have various options for you to rank and level your player and skill up - there‚Äôll be a cross between daily and ad hoc challenges that will bring additional XP to your player and ship, boosting your capabilities. 

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    • What are the different rewards for levelling up?

      Levelling up in Starvara rewards you with skill and strength boosts for both your player and ship upgrades, as well as XP. This means that as you play the game and earn more experience, you will become more powerful and your ship will become more ...
    • What are the different game modes? How do I play each one?

      After you complete the tutorial, you will have two game modes available: Battle Royale AI Battle Royale Battle Royale is the main game mode in the Starvara Battle Royale, where you will compete against other players to be the last one standing. AI ...
    • How do I choose a game mode?

      These game modes will be readily available on the "Game Mode" screen selections, for you to decide upon, prior to launching into battle. You can find more information on the two available game modes If you have any further queries check out our ...
    • How do I fix my ship during battle?

      Your ship WILL NOT regenerate or fix itself during a battle unless you have found the necessary powerups during the battle. Examples of powerups that can restore you are: Repair Droids - restore your hull points Energy Reserves - restore your shield ...
    • What are the different game modes?

      Upon completing the tutorials, you’ll be able to participate in 2 game modes: 1) Battle Royale The Battle Royale game mode entails a 120-player showdown within an ever-shrinking battle area. It’s every pilot for themselves until only one person ...