How do I install the game?

How do I install the game?

To download Starvara, please head to one of the following:

- Google Play Store (Android)
- Apple Store (iOS)

Download and install the latest version of Starvara to your phone.

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    • How do I access the game's settings?

      From the home page screen, you’ll see the option to click your game settings. All game and account settings are easily accessible and editable from there. Stay informed by following us on our socials: Facebook: ...
    • How do I choose a game mode?

      These game modes will be readily available on the "Game Mode" screen selections, for you to decide upon, prior to launching into battle. You can find more information on the two available game modes If you have any further queries check out our ...
    • What are the basic controls for the game?

      For basic game controls please follow this link to our gameplay information: Gameplay Section To get the best handle on basic controls within the game, please ensure you’ve completed the training tutorials. Stay updated on the latest news by engaging ...
    • What are the different game modes?

      Upon completing the tutorials, you’ll be able to participate in 2 game modes: 1) Battle Royale The Battle Royale game mode entails a 120-player showdown within an ever-shrinking battle area. It’s every pilot for themselves until only one person ...
    • How do I start a game?

      Once your game mode is selected, you’ll be prompted to choose your ship, the skin on your ship, type of blaster and your drop point (where you will enter) on the map. Once these steps have been completed, you’ll begin the countdown to enter the ...