How do I optimise the game's settings for my device?

How do I optimise the game's settings for my device?

In the game setting menu, you will find a list of options to customise your experience.

Further, you can optimise your experience by:

Reduce the graphics settings by using the graphics preset drop-down and set it to medium or low.

Reducing the graphics settings puts less strain on your device, allowing it to run at a smoother frame rate and saving power and energy for focusing on smoother gameplay. 

Disable unnecessary features, such as shadows and anti-aliasing.

While features such as shadows, anti-aliasing etc. make a big impact visually, they also make a big impact on performance. If you find your device is struggling to play smoothly, consider turning off unnecessary features.

Close all other apps before playing Starvara.

Having other apps running in the background while playing Starvara uses up resources that could be better dedicated fully to your gaming experience. By closing other apps you free up resources that can be used by Starvara to run more effectively

Make sure your device is running the latest software updates.

Oftentimes, new software updates allow devices to run more optimally, reducing load caused by their operating system. Having this reduced load will make more resources available for your gaming experience to run smoothly.

Use a dedicated gaming phone or a device with a high-refresh-rate display.  

Certain devices are designed for the purpose of mobile gaming. They will perform better on higher settings and allow for a smoother and more enjoyable experience without any compromises.

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