What are the different rewards for levelling up?

What are the different rewards for levelling up?

Levelling up in Starvara rewards you with skill and strength boosts for both your player and ship upgrades, as well as XP. This means that as you play the game and earn more experience, you will become more powerful and your ship will become more capable.

Here are some specific examples of the rewards you can expect to earn for levelling up in Starvara:
  1. Increased player health and damage output
  2. Reduced player cooldowns
  3. Increased ship health and damage output
  4. Reduced ship cooldowns
  5. New weapon and item slots
  6. Access to new upgrades
  7. Increased XP gain
These rewards will help you to become more competitive in matches and to earn even more rewards.

So keep playing and levelling up to become the best Starvara player you can be!

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