What are the different types of ships in the game? How do I use them?

What are the different types of ships in the game? How do I use them?

There are 6 different types of ships to choose from:
  1. Viper
  2. Shadow
  3. Marauder
  4. Wings of the Rebellion
  5. Terrapin
  6. Sentinal

You’ll be able to access these ships while in the Hangar area prior to launching into battle.

  • Click "Play Now" on your home screen

  • Select the "Battle Royale" 

  • At the bottom of your screen, you will see the ships available to you.

  • Click on them to see each ship’s attributes.

  • Compare and decide which one you will choose to go to battle with.

Your ship selection is vital to your style of play so ensure you pick a ship that has stats that resonate with your pilot skills and techniques.

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